How do I configure my account once it has been approved?

If we open an account for you, it will initially consist of a USD landing account (also known as a wallet) and a USD MT5 trading account by default.

You may then:

1) Open multiple landing accounts (on which trades cannot be placed) denominated in different currencies. There is a limit of one landing account per available currency. You can deposit or withdraw funds from your landing account(s).

2) Open multiple MT5 and/or MT4 trading accounts, denominated in different or the same currencies. OANDA may limit the types and number of trading accounts that you can open.

Your Account comprises all your landing accounts and trading accounts. You are only permitted to have one account relationship with us. If we reasonably suspect you have more than one account relationship, then we may close one of those accounts and their associated landing and trading accounts without notice.

Additionally, funds may be deposited directly to a trading account. However, withdrawals can only be made from a landing account to ensure that they are unencumbered funds. We will treat each trading account separately so your positions will not be netted across all your trading accounts.

We retain a right of set off between balances held on landing and trading accounts, in the event of a negative balance on one or more trading accounts.

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