Instant ACH Deposit for OANDA Corporation

Instant ACH is available for all sub-accounts except the crypto sub-account.

When you initiate a deposit using Instant ACH, the system dynamically calculates and makes available a partial amount of the deposit instantly.

The Instant ACH credit starts at 50% of the requested deposit amount less than or equal to $1000. The credit may be extended up to $7,600 + 20% of the deposit amount greater than $20,000 for larger deposits and is capped at a cumulative $20,000 limit. Detailed breakdowns are explained in greater details below .

The Instant ACH credit amount is assessed dynamically on a case by case basis and is subject to the following conditions:

  • Any deposit amount in excess of the eligible instant advance credit amount will not be processed instantly, but is subject to the regular ACH deposit settlement times of up to 6 business days.
  • Any used instant credit limit is released for withdrawals after the underlying ACH transaction is settled and received by OANDA from the client’s bank.
  • Withdrawals for the instantly credited amounts will be locked until it has been settled and confirmed by OANDA. This may take up to 6 business days from the time of the most recent Instant ACH deposit.
  • Wire Transfer withdrawals may not be processed until 5 business days after the ACH deposit has fully settled.
  • Instant ACH deposit only works with e-verified Bank Account Profiles.
  • Capital One accounts are an exception and do not qualify for Instant ACH deposits.
  • Instant ACH is now the default option. You may opt out if you are not interested in receiving part of your deposit(s) instantly.
  • This feature is not available for all account types.

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