How to withdraw funds (OANDA Corporation)

Using the HUB

1. OANDA live account users must log in to the HUB. Next, go to the Dashboard and click on Withdraw . Alternatively, they can go to Accounts , click on the three dots next to any account and click on Withdraw .

2. On the WITHDRAW tab, select the account you want to withdraw from and click on CONTINUE .

3. Indicate if you would like to withdraw to a debit card or wire transfer to a bank account.

All funds deposited by card before June 3rd, 2023 can only be withdrawn via Wire Transfer (no fees will be charged). If you have funded with a card after this date, any such funds received after this date can be withdrawn back to the card.
  • For debit card withdrawals, select an existing card. If the card hasn’t been verified in the past, you will be required to verify it before proceeding. If the card has been verified in the past, you can enter your withdrawal amount and confirm the request.

  • For wire transfers, select an existing bank, or add and verify a new bank account . If you select an existing bank, enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the request.

Before making a withdrawal request, notice the withdrawal limit information shown. The withdrawal limit is based on the initial deposit, method of deposit and margin available.

Using the OANDA mobile app

1. Go to More and click on Withdraw Funds.

For spot crypto sub-accounts, instead of More click on Settings in the bottom navigation bar. Next, go to Manage Funds and then click on Withdrawal.

2. You will notice the same withdrawal methods as explained in the Using the HUB section. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

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